Organizing an inspirational week

It is possible to organize inspirational weeks on our site for, for example, two students. Teachers, therapists, journalists, designers and people who work in a different way based on their creativity or feelings can make use of this. The option is very suitable for hiking- and nature coaches who like to work on an individual level or for those who provide individual, guided retraits.

You as a teacher or supervisor can then stay in one gîte and your students or clients in the other gîte.
Participants stay on our site and arrange their own breakfast. Products can be delivered by us in a refrigirator for the first day. In this way, participants have the opportunity to determine what time they get out of bed. From experience we know that many creative people are night owls and the early birds can use the mornings to work on their texts, book or artwork. The clear nights full of stars and the early mornings can give a lot of inspiration here.

Joint lunches and evening meals can be organized by us at our table d’hôtes. All meals we serve are vegetarian and can be adapted to the budget of your group. Of course it is also possible to plan dinners at restaurants in the area.

If you are interested in organizing an inspiration week for clients, do not hesitate to contact us and discuss options. We know the environment and can help you shaping your week. Everything can be adapted to your wishes. Think of inspiring afternoon trips that match the interests or are appropriate to the theme of the week or the activities you want to organize.