Yoga classes with Remy

The cheerful, artistic and musical Remy lives in a village near Lavagnac. She is a Dutch woman who lives happily in France for many years. Yoga brought her a lot in her life and as a teacher she supervises various groups in the area, where she teaches beginners and advanced students. She also provides complete yoga days during which she discusses all kinds of aspects of practicing yoga. She speaks French, English and Dutch.

Yoga is much more than performing physical exercises, it is a system that helps people to find balance and as a result of that the soul can develop well. Walking the path of yoga teaches you how to find inner peace and let’s you feel a deeper connection with your inner nature.

During a holiday in a gîte it is possible to take Yoga classes from Remy at Le Petit Ermite. She will then come to our terrain at the agreed times to accompany your process. For example, do you want to start the morning with a yoga session every day? Do you want to learn more about yoga? Have you never practiced yoga before and does it seem interesting to you? Then take the chance to get to know Remy.

Remy’s rates depend on the number of participants and the wishes. An indication: 2 hours of yoga class for 2 people costs 35 euros. Remy adjusts the level and of course explains the different facets of yoga. During her extensive lessons, pranayamas (breathing techniques) and meditation will be discussed. Half an hour is spent on interiorization. Calming unrest and experiencing the here and now is central to this, then the lesson starts with attention to relaxation so that you can integrate the experience.

Of course it is necessary to make an appointment with Remy in advance. If you are interested in making use of the possibilities that she offers, we will gladly bring you in contact with her.

Remy also makes beautiful art. You can visit her art-studio by appointment. She has two websites: Remy Sildou Vegetal and Remy Sildou Eco Prints and Arts.