Drawing Mandalas

Mandala means in Sanskrit “circle”. The word suggests that it is something Eastern, but who watches the symbolism of mandalas, can see the mandala roots in many cultures. Designing one’s own power circles is not only relaxing but also helps you to go into the depths of your soul. Each mandala is a rendition of an inner waltz. By drawing mandalas you come close to yourself and you can try to find your inner symbols. Anyone can have these experiences and drawing-experience is not necessary. You will immediately notice how peaceful it is and of course you also enjoy a nice holiday.

The rate:
You pay the expenses for your stay in accordance with our standard rates which can be found on this website. You are responsible for the trip to our location and take care of your own meals. (For an additional fee you can have dinner during a few evenings a week at our table d’hôtes.)

When you are booking a holiday with us and let us know in advance that you want to draw mandalas during the holidays, you will receive upon arrival a folder with an explanation, seven assignments and a sketchbook. You carry out the assignments individually and you receive no guidance. If you prefer guidance during this process, it is possible in the early and late season. In that case, please contact us in advance about the escort rates. You perform the exercises individually and receive no assistance during your process. If you’d prefer to have assistance during this process than this is possible in the low season, in that case, briefly contact us about the coaching-rates.

The additional cost for a week ” drawing mandalas” are € 40,- per person. (You will receive a course-folder which you may keep, this folder contains information and seven exercises so you can create a mandala every day and you can preserve your created mandalas in this folder. During your stay you can use the available materials you need to draw mandalas. At our place we have materials such as paper, pencils, watercolor pencils, compasses, eraser etc. With the seven exercizes you can create each day a mandala during a week. The exercises are alle open for further interpretations, so you can repeat the exercises several times in a different way and therefore make even more than seven mandalas during a weekly stay at our place.

Below you can watch a video and underneath it you can view some examples of mandalas:


Drawing mandalas is very relaxing. Each mandala is different and reflects aspects of you. The following mandalas are examples that have been made with the materials and paper types that you work with during the seven days. (Such as colored pencil and watercolor.)

The teacher
Monique Hendriks obtained her Bachelor degree of Social Work in 1994 and studied at the Social Academy “de Kopse Hof” in Nijmegen. During her studies she specialized herself in Creative Educational Work. During the time she worked as a social pedagogical, she provided creative activities for various groups.

Creativity can achieve growth in all areas and is very relaxing. You can gain more confidence, discover things about yourself that you did not know about and broaden your horizons with it. Intuitive painting is a special process because you do not only work with your hands but also with your mind, heart and soul. Moreover, it gives an extra dimension to your life because of the spiritual and meditative aspect of it.

You can perform all creative inspirational weeks solitary or together with people you bring with you. It not only provides you relaxation, but also insights that bring you close to yourself. Guidance or assistance is not needed during this process and is not included in the course fee. If, however, you are in a phase of your life in which you need personal assistance, you can contact us for additional rates.
This also applies to groups with special wishes and needs in terms of counseling or assistance. Of course you can also come over for a longer period to draw or paint. Please contact us to discuss your wishes and then we can provide you the rates which depend on the materials you want to use.

Below you can see some of Monique’s paintings: