Art Lessons from Dominique Chouaba

Painter Dominique Chouaba
Dominique Chouaba was born in Paris in 1959 and was interested in music, dance, literature and painting at a young age. Since 1997 he obtained the title Chevalier des Art et des Lettres (Knight of Art and Literature) in France. This internationally known artist painted sets for French operas and theaters and exhibited in Paris, but also in Italy, England, the United States, Austria, Japan and Australia. Bénézit (the international dictionary of painters and sculptors) refers to him. His art, which is characterized by precision and finesse, is imbued with the French school of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and radiates romance and spirituality. His work is compared with that of Poussin, Patinir, Hubert Robert, Lorrain and Joseph Vernet. Water, the source of life, is shown on all of his works. His paintings resemble with the unconscious desire that every human being has, which is calming the mind. This aspect can be found in the running water, leaves dancing in the wind and beautiful, majestic panoramas with serene skies that are visible on his artworks.


Lessons from Dominique
The studio of this special artist is within walking distance of Le Petit Ermite. Did you always wanted to learn how to paint from a real artist? Then grab the chance to meet the very nice Dominique! During an inspiration week you can go one or more days to his studio for (private) lessons. Let us know what you would like to learn in advance and with how many participants you would like to have lessons from him, so that he can make a price for an inspirational period. Book these appointments in advance, so that during your stay on our property you are assured that you can receive art-classes from him. Dominique speaks several languages, including French, English and German. Dominique has a place in our hearts and we love putting you in touch with him.