An inspiring castles week

Castle enthusiasts and those who love old and military architecture can visit many castles in the region. Compile beautiful day trips yourself with the help of an address list that we can hand over to you upon arrival and get a glimpse of the medieval past of southern France. Below you will find suggestions with which you can compile an inspiring castle week yourself.

From our gîtes you have a direct view of the Château de Puilaurens, so that you can also enjoy the beauty at night, because this château won the second prize of the most beautiful illuminated castles in France. The castle lies about 700 meters above sea level, is surrounded by pine forests and is already mentioned in a book from 958.  Château de Puilaurens and Château de Quéribus are both castles where the last Cathars were protected.

Château de Quéribus is also located at an altitude of around 700 meters and is in remarkably good condition. Especially those who love military architecture can really enjoy themselves here. It is a strategically located eagle’s nest that guarded the Roussillon. Beautiful walks and a beautiful view can be found at this location.

Château de Puilaurens

Château de Peyrepertuse is located near Quéribus and lies on top of a limestone cliff, where you also have a great panoramic view. It is a  historic monument. Just like the castles mentioned earlier, a large number of archaeological excavations have been done here. Millions of euros have been invested to restore and maintain this pearl.

Those interested in Cathar history can also enjoy a trip to the Château of Montségur, which has a rich history and is surrounded by beautiful nature. It was an important fortress of the Cathars in 1243. Is this the Montsalvat that Wolfram von Eschenbach wrote about in Parzival?

Château de Montségur

The Château of Puivert was taken during the crusade against the Albigensians and became a property of the royal family. It is located in Quercorb and is characterized by its beautiful symmetry. It is located on a hill, 600 meters above sea level and has been a historic monument since 1907. Themed meetings are regularly organized.

The Château of Chalabre is also a place where a lot is organized. Sometimes you can listen to medieval music and see people dressed in historical costumes

Château d’Arques

And what about the Castle of Arques with its beautiful towers, which has been a monument since 1887? This square stronghold was built in the thirteenth century by a lieutenant of Simon de Monfort and is also an architectural masterpiece.

There are of course many more beautiful places that you can visit, also in bigger cities such as Perpignan, Carcassonne and Toulouse. In the information folder that we have made available to you, you will find all sorts of tips that can be combined with day trips to the castles.