Acting lessons provided by Leslie Mills

Our British friend Leslie Mills is a film actor who has been trained by The Drama Center London (1985-87). He provides interesting and exciting inspirational weeks for those who want to learn to act and of course he can also improve the skills of those who already have acting-experience. The language of instruction is English.

If you like to take acting lessons in the South of France from this well-known actor during a holiday stay at Le Petit Ermite, then we would like to refer you to him, so that you can make appointments with him for inspiring holidays. The acting lessons can take place in the afternoons in the gite and on the grounds of Le Petit Ermite, but also in the forest and at other beautiful locations in our area. Tell us your wishes about the number of afternoons on which you want to take acting lessons and how large the number of participants will be. We will then discuss the options with Leslie and he can provide you his rate. Leslie divides his time between London and France, where he lives in our nearby area.

Recent assignments from Leslie were the movies Nightmare on 34th Street, in which he played Krampus, and House of Salem in which he played the role of Jacob. He also played in The Donnie Knockers, Moon and Son, Merlin of the Crystal Cave and in series such as Warlord, The Bill, House of Cards and in the Ruth Rendell Mysteries.

Leslie is also the guitarist and singer of the band Epicentre. This band regularly provides great performances in places in our region. Below you can view a few movies about Leslie’s work: