Inspirational Weeks

Of course you can celebrate a nice holiday and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. However, it is also possible to participate in inspirational weeks at Le Petit Ermite. In this section you can read all about the various options for inspiring days at our place.

Participation in the following courses is almost continuously possible:

Write from your own inner power! A writing retreat that is possible both individually and in a group. (Only possible in the Dutch Language.)

Art lessons from Dominique (External teacher) You can learn more about creating art from Dominique, who lives in our village.

Acting lessons provided by Leslie Mills (External teacher) This movie actor can provide acting lessons one or more afternoons on the grounds of Le Petit Ermite.

Intuitive drawing and painting You can participate in this course throughout the year.

Yoga classes with Remy (External teacher) During the spring, summer and late season, but not possible during wintertime.

Qi Gong, Buddhist chanting or meditation with Laure (External teacher), you can participate in these courses throughout the year.

Warrior Coaching (External teacher) work with Dave on your mental and emotional resilience, and on your physical fitness, so you can discover your inner warrior.

Doodling You can participate in this course throughout the year.

Drawing mandalas You can take part in this course throughout the year.

A sporting weekThis week you can compose yourself with help of a list we created with nice locations in this area and with external instructors.

Discover the region with a nature guide If you are interested in flora and fauna you can have an inspirational week with a nature guide.

Painting “Your-life-canvas” You can take part in this course throughout the year.

An inspiring castles weekVisit all the beautiful châteaus France preserved so well.

An afternoon of “Fun!”Would you rather not record yourself and just do something fun under supervision? Then look at: An afternoon of “Fun!”