An afternoon of “fun!”

For people who like to spend a creative or spiritual afternoon during their stay at Le Petit Ermite, we offer the opportunity for An afternoon of “Fun”. There are many possibilities, but you must let us know before the start of your holiday that you would like to make use of this option. There must be at least two participants. For those who prefer a more extensive activity program during their holiday, there is the possibility to participate in an “Inspirational week”. (Many inspirational weeks can be followed individually.) Scroll to continue reading.

There are various possibilities:

  • An afternoon of intuitive painting under supervision on paper or on a canvas.
  • Drawing or painting mandalas during an afternoon under supervision and with a discussing of the results. 
  • An spiritual afternoon with encoustic art. 
  • A yoga afternoon provided by external teacher Remy.
  • A Qi Gong session with teacher Laure.



The rates for An afternoon of “Fun!” depend on the activity and the wishes. Would you like to have delicious snacks or pâtisseries served during this day? Lunch with the other participant(s) before we begin, or have an evening meal in our vegetarian table d’hôtes after the activity? If you want to paint, would you like to do that on paper or on a canvas? How big is the number of participants? (At least 2 participants.) Let us know so that we can give you a customized price and then we will ensure that you will have a nice afternoon.

Create an inspiration week for yourself:
Because most regular (external) teachers can also be hired for a single afternoon, it is also possible to plan an inspirationial week in this way by yourself. You can make arrangements for this with the teachers that proceed independently from Le Petit Ermite (see 6.f. of our General Terms and Conditions). For example, plan Monday an Qi-Gong afternoon with Laure, Tuesday an yoga afternoon with Remy, Wednesday an intuitive painting afternoon with Monique etc. In this way you can plan a fun and varied holiday week for yourself, with every day an inspiring activity.