Having fun

Those who like to move around, will find several entertainment venues in nearby towns. The best are of course cafes, creperies and restaurants that you discover yourself.
Furthermore, there are many vineyards in the region and some winemakers, allow you to taste their products. Limoux is famous for its Blanquette de Limoux, Blanquette méthode ancestral and Cremant de Limoux, carbonated wines with a special taste. It is believed that the first sparkling wine in the world is produced in this region, by the monks of the abbey from Saint-Hilaire. The attractive, affordable sparkling wines obtain their distinctive flavor due to strong winds combined with the Mediterranean climate, as well as the rocky area with clay soil.
Those who like to try their luck, can visit the casino nearby Alet-les-Bains.
Furthermore, the French like to party. Therefore there are on regular base festivities organized in the villages in this region, such as music festivals, cultural events and theater performances. Celebrations for lemons, grapes, truffles, the French people always find a reason to organize fun festivities. So in France there is during the peak season always somewhere a party!
Moreover, organizes Limoux from January to March a very special carnival during the weekends. People from all over the world come to visit this special carnival because it is a very ancient tradition here. It is the longest carnival in the world, and is not like any other carnival, because the festivities in Limoux consists of ancient rituals that are passed over from father to son for hundreds of years. (Below you can watch a movie about it.)

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