The Cathars were Christians who attributed a dualistic and mystical interpretation to the Bible stories. The group arose from the older Gnosticism. Catholics contested this “heresy” with the result that the Inquisition structurally massacred the Cathars. Some of them fled to the mountains and therefore many remains of this mystical believers are found in the region. Many villages still are surrounded with symbolism and special stories. The Cathars had their own vision on God and unanimously rejected the God of the Old Testament, which was ruthlessly cruel and vindictive, according to them. The spiritual leaders, the Parfaits, lived an ascetic life. They refused possession, ate no meat, drank no alcohol and fasted regularly. From various sources it is known that the Cathars and the Templars did keep much knowledge hidden from outsiders. Here you can experience the mystery and legends of the Holy Grail and discover the real Da Vinci Code. Everyone who loves history and ancient mysteries or is interested in ufology or likes it to investigate special spots and to examine the mysteries of ancient times, can decode ancient wisdom here.

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