Art lovers can have fun with explorations of the various churches and châteaux, but can also visit beautiful museums. The Musee des Beaux-Arts is a common example, but also the smaller museums of local celebrities are worth a visit, like the paintings of Jean Beaubois and the works of Marie Petiet. Another example is the wonderful place of the Benedictine abbey where a marble sarcophagus can be seen, which is dedicated to Saint Sernin.

Especially during the summer art trails and festivals are also organized, such as the annual Sculpture Trail near Carcassonne and the medieval arts and crafts festival in Duilhac. In the summer you can also attend concerts with medieval musical instruments at a nearby château. The area is also of course perfectly suitable to create your own art. Read for example, the text written at “creativity” in the facilities-section of our website or take a look at the “inspirational weeks”.

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