Slowing down

In this environment you can pull back for a moment and disconnect yourself from the everyday world. Space and silence are here for those who welcome tranquility. The robust mountains show each moment new scenes, so it seems like you walk constantly in another painting, and the healthy air completes the whole picture. Cycling routes lead you along surprising villages and ruins. During trips you encounter unusual animals and plants. If you are lucky chamois, marmots, ibex and wild sheep will cross your path. Ornithologists can observe birds such as the Griffon Vulture, Golden Eagle, Eagle Owl and Lemon Canaries. In the Pyrenees, more than 400 species of flowers grow. Between the carpet of heather-like vegetation, shrubs and trees much lavender and rosemary are growing and you can enjoy the wild orchids.
Writers and artists find here inspiration and you can reconnect with your calling. In this beautiful area you will find pleasant places where you can enjoy to your heart’s content, recharge or meditate. Also at our property you can relax.

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