Gardens and Caves

Although the Pyrénées actually form one large garden of unspoiled nature, there are also beautiful landscaped parks and gardens that you can visit, such as a special aroma garden that can be visited only during the summer season. Not only above the ground much can be seen, also under the surface the mountains hide various natural treasures. Many caves are open to the public and you can make a guided walk through in them. We have selected a number of caves that are open in the area for visitors and described them in the information-folder, but for daredevils the mountains also have various wild caves to explore.

Do you want to have a real cave experience? Let us know it, because we can bring you into contact with a guide who can visit a wild cave with you that is 30 kilometers away from our location. You will then stay under the ground for no less than 7 hours and travel into the earth with a helmet and rope ladders. This cave is not publicly accessible and too fragile for opening up to a large audience. You can participate with this guide throughout the year, but appointments must be made well in advance, so if you would like to have this special cave-experience, than you need to plan this appointment before you book a holiday with us, so you are assured of participation.

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