Set your GPS on Route de Lavagnac in Puilaurens. If you do not do that, your GPS will lead you in the direction of a less accessible road. In Lavagnac take the Chemin des Fanges exit which after the bend turns into the Chemin d’Axat. Our plot is located at the green house on the right. The street name is Chemin d’Axat, the number is 1000. That we have number 1000 in this little village is a joke of our mayor 🙂

Traveling by plane:

You also have the possibility to come by plane and rent a car there. (The cost of car hire is not expensive in France.)

As many as five airports are eligible for a flight:
Perpignan Airport> distance: 59 km
Carcassonne Airport> distance: 69 km
Béziers Airport> distance: 140 km
Toulouse Airport> distance: 144 km
Girona Airport (Spain)> distance: 153 km

Lavagnac can rightly be called a historic village and contains traces that date from before Roman times. From found remains, it appears that the environment was already inhabited in 10,000 BC. The castle of Puilaurens is mentioned in books for the first time in 985. In the surroundings a lot of stories are being told about a white lady who lives in the castle and watches over a treasure. There is a lot of history to discover throughout the area. Do you remember the skull that was found in 1971, which was nicknamed “The Man of Tautavel”? This skull was found 40 km away from our village and turns out to be 450,000 years old.

You can view hotspots such as the mysterious Rennes-le-Château, the rock church of the hermits and special caves, but trips to Carcassonne or Perpignan and the special Collioure are certainly also possibilities. On our weblog we keep you informed of all kinds of sights and facts of this beautiful region. Hikers and rafters can also enjoy themselves here. Not to mention the wine tastings and the beautiful mountains and nature where you can make beautiful pictures. Of course we have extensive documentation of various sights and activities. You will not get bored in this environment!